Christmas gift Shiba inu

Christmas Gift for Your Shiba Inu

Christmas is a great time to show your Shiba Inu how much you appreciate them! Though these independent and intelligent dogs don’t need much, they still appreciate gifts that help them enjoy the holidays. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for your Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu Treats: 

Treats are always a hit with Shiba Inu. But be aware, Shiba Inu has a sensitive stomach, so when you choose treats for your furry baby, please read the formula and choose natural, healthy treats that provide mental stimulation. I prepared a few options I usually buy for my Zorrito. 

Tips: Shiba Inu loves sweet potato and pumpkin so much! You can steam and make it dry to feed Shiba Inu as homemade treats.

Puzzle toys that dispense treats like the Buster Cube or Kong Wobbler are great options. Add fun to the game and get treats from the toy when the dog plays with you, this is positive action encourage your dog loves more! 

Puppy Toys for Shiba Inu: 

Shiba Inus love to play and a good toy can provide hours of entertainment. Choose a toy that is the appropriate size for your pup and made from a safe, non-toxic material. Consider interactive toys like tug ropes, plush squeaky toys, and durable rubber toys.

Clothing for Shiba Inu: 

Shiba Inus are sensitive to cold and can benefit from a nice sweater or coat during the winter months. Look for clothes that are warm, comfortable, and well-fitting.

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