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How to Potty Train a Shiba Inu?

Do you want to know more about, how to potty train a Shiba Inu? First of all, remember that the Shiba Inu potty train is constantly training. So be patient!

Potty Train a Shiba Inu

After your Shiba Inu comes to the new house, it is common to have difficulties teaching our puppy to poop and pee on the puppy pad, dog grass pad, or the area chosen for it. At first, it may seem very difficult to modify this behavior; however, with the appropriate guidance, you can train your Shiba Inu potty in the right place; you need to be patient and constantly guide your puppy.

How to potty train a Shiba Inu

The best time for training a puppy is 3 to 6 months of age; puppies can learn much from an early age. How to make my dog more obedient?

Zorrito’s Potty Train

There are some tips for training a puppy to potty on the puppy pad or dog grass pad:

  1. Prepare an exercise pen/small room for Shiba Inu: Once we set up a puppy exercise pen or leave Shiba Inu in a single room, it will be time to cover the area with puppy pads.
  2. Leave its food and water bowl on the contrary side with puppy pads, Shiba Inu is the kind of breed immaculate, and it won’t pee near the food.
  3. Don’t forget to leave toys and put the puppy bed nears the bowls
  4. If you stay at home, pay attention to your Shiba Inu; when it pees/poops on the puppy pad, give the puppy some treat; after several times, you can try to reduce the puppy pad area. Repeat award behaviors while on the pad and reduce the pad area until you leave only one pad for it.
  5. After the potty train, your Shiba Inu might be pee on the floor sometimes; you can absorb the urine in front of the puppy’s face to let it understand the puppy pad’s function.
  6. Don’t yell at your Shiba Inu if it pees on the floor; the puppy might misunderstand as pee is incorrect behavior.
  7. Clean the floor immediately after your Shiba Inu peed on the floor because once the puppy smells the pees or poop on the floor, it will continue to pee in this area the next time.

How to identify my Shiba Inu needs to potty?

Usually, your Shiba Inu pee and poop at the exact times, however, and if not, there are also body signals that you can identify, which will help you when training a puppy to potty.

  • Puppy walks very fast and nervous
  • Sniff the ground
  • Walk-in circles

How to train a Shiba Inu potty outside

After your Shiba Inu has finished the last vaccination booster for 2 weeks, you can take your puppy outside to introduce him to other dogs and potty. What vaccinations does my Shiba Inu needs?

For the potty train outside, you can take your Shiba Inu out to play about 30 minutes after the meal; it is the time for potty.

Pick an area to potty: when you take your Shiba Inu out to play, you can find a suitable place for the puppy to potty and accompany your dog to stay in the area, waiting for it to pee or poop. Then reward the puppy when it potty immediately. Initially, your Shiba Inu may not know where to potty, so you may need to spend more time with the puppy in the same spot or come out to play at a regular time every day after the meal.

And never forget to pick up the poop of your puppy; the poop may cause the spread of disease for humans and other dogs.

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