Shiba Inu first night

Shiba Inu Puppy’s First Night At Home

When you welcome a Shiba Inu puppy for the first night at home, you might be exciting, and both of you and your new Shiba Inu are probably hard to sleep for the first night. 

Your new Shiba Inu needs some time to familiarize himself with the new environment. Because before he comes to your house, your Shiba Inu lived in another place with his mother and his brothers, and now everything is suddenly different. The puppy feels disoriented at this new home and in lonely moments (nights). What you are experiencing is stress, and I have been through the same time when I get my Shiba Inu Zorrito on the first night. Be tolerant: this behavior is prevalent and requires our patience and affection. 

Zorrito Puppy’s First Night at Home

What can happen on the first night of your Shiba Inu at home?

If your puppy has a bad experience on his first night at home, keep barking, bite dog cage or anything he can see, be aggressive or anxious. All of these behaviors occur because your Shiba Inu is afraid of the unknown environment, worried about separation from his mother or previous companions. But isolate him is not a good idea; it will make him feel lonely and scared.

On the first night when my Shiba Inu Zorrito got home, it was hard to sleep and keep walking around in the exercise pen. He even had vomit because of the long-distance car traveling from the dog kennel to our house. And when the puppy vomits, it is recommended to provide fresh water and temporarily stop a meal for your Shiba Inu. Motion Sickness in Shiba Inu.

What to do for your Shiba Inu’s first night at home?

It is best to find a comfortable and warm place, ideally not far from you, to prevent your puppy from having a lousy time during his first night at home. The best place is your room. If you can put his bed next to yours, he will feel protected. So the first night when my Shiba Inu at home, I put him in a moving box,put a blanket in the box to make him sleep snugly and warm, it will be better to leave a puppy pad above the mantle in case the puppy needs to pee. And Shiba Inu is extremely clean; once he peed on the puppy pad, he will make a sound to wake you up and ask you to change a new pad for him.

Before sleep time, I recommend you spend some time playing with your Shiba Inu; it is about burning both you and your puppy’s energy so that you two can sleep well later.

The essential supplies for your Shiba Inu puppy’s first night at home

Once at home, and while the puppy is getting used to his new environment, it is best to stay around him to prevent him from hurting himself. Shiba Inu loves to play and explore this new space, but there are unaware of the danger. In the first few days when my Shiba Inu arrived home, he was both curious and afraid of the new environment. He would sniff around with his nose, but he was too scared to leave my room. So I tried to stay by his side and encourage him to explore new rooms.

Please take a few precautions to avoid accidents:

  • Put chemicals out of reach.
  • Install protectors on the sockets.
  • Keep doors closed.
  • Don’t leave any harmful food, such as chocolate and grape, where your puppy can find them.

Don’t forget to vaccinate your puppy. The first vaccination should be given around 6 weeks of age, followed by a second vaccination between 2 and 4 weeks later to provide complete protection for the puppy. Remember that you must vaccinate him annually after the first year. What vaccinations does my Shiba Inu needs?

Ideally, you should dedicate part of your free time to the puppy so that it becomes familiar and happy with its new home and its new family. The first day of your puppy at home will make a difference and make you feel in a safe and happy place. If you follow this guideline you don’t need to be worrying about Shiba Inu Puppy’s first night at home.

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