Motion sickness Shiba Inu

Dog Motion Sickness: Shiba Inu

Like humans who experience a sense of illness during car trips, the Shiba Inu can also have an upset stomach when traveling in the car (or even by boat or plane). Take my Shiba Inu Zorritio as an example; he was vomit for dog motion sickness when he was 3 months old; following he grows up, the dog motion sickness symptom is better, but the travel anxiety still exists.

Dog Motion Sickness

If your Shiba Inu has the same symptoms, don’t panic. This article will provide you with some solutions to your Shiba Inu’s motion sickness.

Opening the window can relieve the symptoms of motion sickness for Shiba Inu.

Causes of Shiba Inu dog motion sickness

There are several potential causes of dog motion sickness in Shiba Inu. The puppies may experience this condition more often because their balance needs to develop a bit more following their growing up. Some puppies can actually “grow out” of the condition in some cases. Motion sickness can also be emotional (behavioral) and related to a bad travel experience in the first years of their life.

Treatment of motion sickness

Treating motion sickness can be as simple as familiarizing your dog with car rides. If time and training don’t help the situation, there are several products available. 

Ark Naturals Happy Traveler: natural calming product to helps the Shiba Inu reduces situational & travel anxiety. The natural herbal calming treat is formulated with L-tryptophan, which affects mood and reduces aggression in stressful situations. Suitable for your Shiba Inu has anxiety during travel and mild motion sickness. If your Shiba Inu is lethargic for more than half a day and persistent vomiting occurs, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Ginger is a holistic treatment that can be used for nausea, such as ThunderWunders dog calming chews. Ginger pops and pills calm a nervous stomach when given 30 minutes to an hour before travel. Check with your veterinarian before feeding your Shiba Inu ginger in any form to make sure there is no indication that ginger may be harmful to your furry friend, and make sure you are giving your Shiba Inu the proper amount. 

Always remember! You should consult a veterinarian before administering any medication (either over-the-counter or prescription) to make sure the Shiba Inu is healthy, the dosage is correct, and that the medicine will not harm the dog.

Live and manage

Providing a safe and comfortable environment for your Shiba Inu can lead to an overall better travel attitude. Slightly opening the car windows can help reduce the air pressure inside the car and allow better ventilation. No food should be given for a few hours before getting in the car. Dog toys can help distract and entertain a very nervous Shiba Inu, and taking frequent breaks for their removal can also help.

Prevention of Shiba Inu dog motion sickness

Time and training can go a long way in preventing dog motion sickness. You may need to stock up on certain medications to help calm your dog if he tends to get extremely nervous before riding in the car. Your veterinarian can suggest safe and effective dog anxiety medications to ensure the trip runs smoothly at all times.

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