How to train a Shiba Inu

How To Train Shiba Inu Puppy To Know His Name

Are you wondering about, how To Train Shiba Inu Puppy To Know His Name? Training your Shiba Inu to know its name is one of the essential exercises for future education and safety. And, this fundamental command of obedience is well worth the time. I strongly recommend you training your Shiba Inu to know its name before other command training, like training Shiba Inu to sit. All of the tips presented in this article are based on what I’ve actually learned from training my Shiba Inu Zorrito. And, this Shiba Inu training guide will help you to train yours.

Name Train Shiba Inu
Name Train Zorrito

Preparation before the training Shiba Inu Puppy

Before you start learning about, how to train Shiba Inu Puppy you need to prepare some treats apart from the usual dog food to make your Shiba Inu realize that eating treats are learning a new skill. Freeze-dried training treats and Milk-Bone MaroSnacks are good choices.

Choose an appropriate name for your Shiba Inu first

The excessively long name and difficult pronunciation name will make your Shiba Inu confused to understand. Also, the name should be different from the command words. For example, naming your Shiba Inu “Good Boy” will not be a good idea; it is better to use a reward for your dog’s behavior. I called my Shiba Inu “Zorrito” because he has a little foxy face, and Zorrito means little fox in Spanish; you may like to track this clue to give your puppy an appropriate name.

Get the Shiba Inu’s attention

The first step to training your Shiba Inu puppy is getting your Shiba Inu’s attention. It’s an excellent time to train your dog in a quiet home, remove the food bowl and toys that distract him, then your training can begin.

Train Shiba Inu Puppy

If your dog is curious about voice, call his name louder and attract him to come over and look into your eyes. Then give him treats immediately to make him associate the name call with the reward. Repeat this training several times. If your Shiba Inu won’t come over after few times, give up and try again next time. Do not yell or punish your Shiba Inu, especially for the puppies; it makes them confused and causes a rebellious mentality. It’s important to reward him with treats and words of praise when he’s done making eye contact with you.

Repeat the training with other family members

The second step is continuing to repeat this training. In this step, you could ask other family members to be involved. I have invited my mom to this 2nd step training. My mother and I stayed in different rooms and called the Zoritto’s name. When Zorrito heard the name and arrived in my room, I rewarded him and let my mother call his name. Repeat this exercise until Zorrito can listen to his name called and quickly come to me when I stay in any room. The Shiba Inu is an intelligent breed, and he will relate his name and the treat sooner or later. Just be patient and repeat this exercise daily. Usually, each training is supposed to be no longer than 10 mins. Otherwise, the Shiba Inu will lose patience and deconcentrate by other things.

Extend the Shiba Inu’s attention

This approach is much like what has been mentioned in the first step. Intend to enhance the response continuance by up to three seconds. You need to repeat the previous steps two or three times to start the first concourse of this pattern, and by then, your Shiba Inu enters the game.

Now the next step. This lesson will consist of getting a treat, closing in your fist, and then calling Shiba Inu’s name and waiting. After that, you need to count 3 seconds and appreciate him while giving him the treat.  If your dog didn’t hold his gaze on the first call, you have to try again by moving to keep the dog’s attention on you. It probably responds to you. You have to do the same procedure repeatedly but wait for a shorter time than before to reward him. Steadily, enhance the time your dog looks into your eyes until you get a minimum of 3 seconds in 5 consecutive repetitions.

Continue extending the duration while these repetitions, even if it outperforms 3 seconds. The purpose behind this is that the Shiba Inu is attentive for a time, minimally explaining your directions.

Finally, Increase the difficulty

Your dog may be able to more than relate his name as a call to his response after you consume three to ten days of continuing this step. This practice might not achieve as well inside if it does outdoors. The reason behind this is, your Shiba likes to avoid losing attention if he/she meets various provocations. The notable thing is, training the essential compliance of a Shiba Inu will support its protection.

It would help if you had to practice all training methods with your Shiba Inu in various conditions, which progressively enhanced the inconvenience. You can start these lessons in your garden or somewhere like that, but gradually you need to command him in a complicated environment or in the places where elements can mislead him.

Tips for training the Shiba Inu’s name

  1. Training at home first, then gradually moving to the outside
  2. Each family member should involve in the training to make your Shiba Inu familiar with each member’s voice.
  3. Don’t call your Shiba Inu’s name in vain. Each time when you train the dog, give him rewards. If you are running out of treats, praise your dog at least.

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