How to Discipline a Shiba Inu

We will try to provide all the answers on how to discipline a Shiba Inu Dog. We get many different questions from Shiba Inu pet owners regarding their training and discipline as obedient dogs. So we thought to keep this article in a question-and-answer way which will cover all the answers on how to discipline a Shiba Inu Dog.

How to discipline a Shiba Inu

Is the Shiba Inus that difficult?

Shiba Inus is more difficult to train and house discipline than other dog breeds. But you can make this process easy by following proper guidelines and training sessions. 

Can Shiba Inus be obedient?

While Training Shiba Inu, patience, kindness, and lots of positive reinforcements are essential and most important things to maintain, they will be obedient and follow the rules and actions once they feel comfortable and secure with their owners and surroundings. 

Why is Shiba Inus so aggressive?

Shiba Inus were the dog breeds used in hunting and protecting, security, and military purposes. This is the reason for aggression in Shiba Inu breeds. Training sessions and positive reinforcements can control this aggression which comes in heredity. Also, the dog is too energetic and loves to have an active routine.

How to Train Shiba Inu Not to Bite

Biting is an effect that leads towards a cause. Dogs can bite for several reasons. Mainly Shiba Inu bites due to fear, or they do not fully trust the master. Sometimes they are not appropriately trained or may have a bad training experience. To stop Shiba Inu from biting, you have to make him comfortable and build a healthy relationship with your dog. Also, make sure to build your trust with your dog. Feed him with hands, spend quality time introducing him to new places, and give him a playing area to level down his energy level. This way, you can control the biting habits of Shiba Inu.

How to train a Shiba Inu not to run away

The first thing is to grab his attention with the most loveable objects or food. Sometimes they also run in fear or when they feel harm. Make your presence comfortable and bring different things for you, Shiba Inu, whenever you come near him. Don’t try to catch him forcefully. The more you apply force, the more he will begin to run away from you. 

How to make Shiba Inu Love you?

Spending quality time with Shiba will help to gain trust. Once trust is built between you and your dog, it will signify that your Shiba will start loving you. Patting and praising your dog is a good start. Don’t leave him alone for a long time. Treat your dog as a friend and a member of your family. Once you will notice his attraction towards you, which are the signs your dogs love you. 

How to make Shiba Inu play with you

The best thing you can catch their attention is food, Merge the feeding and playing session and feed your Shiba Inu while playing. As Shiba Inu never says to the food, they will start playing. Repeating these sessions with and without food will help you to make your Shiba Inu play with you.


Hope this brief guide will help you to discipline your Shiba Inu better. You can also learn more about every training of Shiba Inu in our blog.

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