Something You Need To Be Prepared For Owning A Shiba Inu For The First Time

This article is all about how you need to be prepared for owning a Shiba Inu for the first time. If you are ready to welcome a Shiba Inu to your home, your human family members and you will not abandon it for the rest of its life. I summarized the supplies I had for Zorrito when it came to my house and the lessons I had learned.

Sanitize the house for your new owning a Shiba Inu

Sanitize soft surfaces and carpets before the Shiba Inu comes home is strongly recommended if you owning a Shiba Inu! Because Shiba Inus are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections—the same ones that all dogs can get—such as parvo, rabies, and distemper. Therefore, sterilizing bacteria-prone upholstery and carpets is essential, as Woolite Pet Sanitize can kill 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces. If a Shiba Inu puppy is infected with the virus, it will most likely threaten the claim. Those who have cats in the house also need to be careful to disinfect the house before the dog gets home. If the Shiba Inu is infected by fungus or ringworm from cats, the puppy’s hair will be falling out. 

When Zorrito infected with a fungus

Shiba Inu fungs

Prepare a comfort zone for your new Shiba Inu first dog

For those Shiba Inu puppies under six months, create a separate comfort zone for your puppy. The puppy just arrived unfamiliar home environment, for it to provide a space of its own can be an excellent way to help it establish a sense of security. Shiba Inu grows very fast, so the cage’s size should not be too small; it is recommended to buy stainless steel material, which can be used for several years. The Dog cage is more comfortable to carry out, and the exercise pen has more space for the puppy. 

IMPORTANT! Isolate your unvaccinated new puppy with other dogs is necessary. Your puppy needs its shots, and preferably any dog contacts need to be vaccinated as well. Because most of the viral puppy diseases are highly contagious. What vaccinations does my Shiba Inu needs?

Prepare a stuffed animal for Shiba Inu first dog

Giving your puppy a stuffed animal that simulates having a companion will make the puppy feel more secure and familiar with the new environment. 

The first-day Zorrito came home


Checklist of supplies for your new Shiba Inu:

Stainless steel bowls x2: One for food, one for water. The stainless-steel bowls are better than plastic bowls; they are easier to clean, and the puppy is less likely to chew them up.

Puppy pads: Get familiar with puppy pads; it is a great chance when it comes to potty training. How to potty train a Shiba Inu?

Quick-dry towel: The hand pockets of the fiber quick-dry towel can rub puppy dry in a rapid time.

-Dog food: Prepare the same food that the new Shiba Inu ate before it came to your house, which is the best way to minimize the move’s stress; you may consider switching pup’s food after one week. How to feed a Shiba Inu puppy? 

Puppy bed: New puppies are more likely to get sick due to the change of living environment, especially Shiba Inu, who strongly needs a warm space.

When you well prepared all the supplies, bring your new Shiba Inu back home! The first night of your Shiba Inu at home

Be aware that Shiba Inu puppies have less tolerate cold weather and wind blow, so it is best to bring a blanket with you when picking them up to ensure that they do not catch a cold during the journey. If you follow this guideline carefully then you are to owning Shiba Inu.

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